What is Uroflowmetry?

Uroflowmetry measures the urine volume released from the body and the speed with which the urine is released, and how much time it takes to release. This test is used for diagnosing LUTS like incomplete emptying, weak stream, straining, hesitancy, frequency, and post-void dribbling.

How is the test performed?

You will have to urinate in a toilet or a urinal fitted with a machine having a measuring device attached. After you have finished, the machine will create a report for your healthcare expert.

Why is the test conducted?

The test is useful for evaluating a patient’s urinary tract functions. In most cases, a patient taking this test will report too slow urination.
A small number of iodine marks where urine is flowing through the body. The patient needs to drink a solution that contains iodine. While the urine flows through the bladder, it absorbs iodine. After the test and the bladder is emptied, the person will look at the color and pattern of the urine. The test showcases black or blue dots. This test makes sure that the bladder is working normally. A healthy bladder will produce clear urine.