What is NCV?

NCV, or Nerve Conduction Velocity test, is a tool for diagnosing nervous functions. It evaluates the function of all the nerves. The objective of the test is to measure the speed at which all the electrical impulses are traveling through a nerve.

NCV Test process:

The electrodes are placed on the skin over the tested nerve for the NCV test. Small electrical shocks are delivered by the electrodes to the nerve. It causes the nerve to fire an impulse. The impulse is also recorded by the electrodes as it travels through the nerve.

Many conditions, such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, and tunnel syndrome, can be diagnosed through an NCV test. This test can also determine in case a person had a stroke or encountered any damage to their nervous system. NCV test is mostly sage, and the patients can tolerate it easily. The electrical shocks may cause some discomfort, but it fades away very fas