What is TMT?

TMT stress test is a process of nuclear imaging for evaluating the flow of blood to the muscle of your heart.
Medimaa makes use of the TMT stress test for helping to diagnose CAD, a common heart disease. It takes place when the arteries that are responsible for supplying blood to the heart muscle get narrowed or blocked. It leads to chest pain, heart attack, breath shortness, and several other symptoms. This test helps us to understand if you have CAD and the severity it possesses. This test is conducted in 2 stages- a testing stage and an exercise stage.

How to prepare for a stress test?

A stress test helps us to understand how well your heart can handle exercise. It shows that there is enough blood flow to the heart during exercises.You need to opt for a stress test when:

  • You have CAD.
  • You have a history of a heart attack.
  • You have chest pain that does not go away after rest or medicine.
  • You had a heart transplant or any other surgery.
  • You have an irregular heartbeat.
  • You have breath shortness during exercise.

If you have CAD, the plaque buildup narrows your arteries. It limits the oxygen and blood amount reaching the muscle of your heart.

How is an exercise stress test performed?

A stress test is conducted on a treadmill. After you are asked to remove your clothing, you will be hooked to an electrocardiogram machine that monitors the electrical activity of your heart at the time of the test.
During the test, you will need to start walking slowly on a treadmill. And with time, the incline and speed of the treadmill will be increased. You might be asked to run or jog during the test.
The test shows how well your heart is performing when it is working hard.