What is OPG?

OPG or Orthopantomography is a kind of X-ray imaging. It shows a wide-angle view of jaws and teeth. It is mostly used for assessing the jaws and teeth health and helps in planning dental treatment. OPG helps in detecting various conditions, including tooth tumors, tooth decay, gum diseases, and others. Also, it helps in evaluating the alignments of jaws and teeth. It is generally safe, and there is no involvement of ionizing radiation.

What does an OPG test consist of?

An OPG is a diagnostics imaging formula that makes use of low-dose radiation for producing 2D images or slices. These images help the doctors to evaluate the jaws and teeth’ health and surrounding structures.
An OPG test can be performed easily and is super quick. It is usually performed in the outpatient setting and does not need anesthesia or sedation. The patients need to bite down on a plastic device, helping to position the jaw and head during the process of the test.

Why is the OPG test conducted?

An OPG test helps healthcare experts to look at the jaws, teeth, and all the surrounding structures. It helps us to diagnose problems with the jaws and teeth, like TMJ disorders, gum disease, or tooth decay. This test can be used for planning treatment for dental procedures like extractions and braces.