What is MRI?

MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan, is an imaging test that makes use of robust radio waves and magnets to create pictures of the body. It is used for looking into health issues such as cancer, injury, or any other disease. At a doctor’s chamber or in a hospital, an MRI scan is executed. The patients are given sedation to relax them. It makes sure that you are safe during the process. You need to lie on a table for about 30 minutes. It may be difficult for you to move your legs or arms for a short time. However, it will pass quickly.

Different types of MRI are as follows:

  1. MRV
  2. MRA
  3. Pelvic MRI
  4. Lumbar MRI
  5. Pelvis and abdominal MRI
  6. Heart MRI
  7. Cranial MRI
  8. Chest MRI
  9. Cervical MRI
  10. Abdominal MRI

How is the test done?

You will need to wear hospital clothing or a gown. Then you will need to lie on a narrow table. On high-risk patients, contrast exams are conducted. A receiver will send the radio waves. It enhances the quality of the images. The radiologist will do a full body scan and look inside your heart, eyes, and other body parts. We will monitor you thoroughly. Within 30 to 60 minutes, your text will be over.

Why are MRIs Performed?

  • Diagnosing an infection
  • Identifying tumors and masses
  • Reading the blood vessels
  • Guiding a health expert to the right areas during a biopsy