What is Mammography?

A mammogram is referred to as an X-ray picture of the breast. Doctors make use of it to look for the early signs of breast cancer. One of the best tests for doctors to identify breast cancer early is regular mammograms. Sometimes it takes 3 years for you to feel it. One of the best tests for doctors to identify breast cancer early is regular mammograms. Sometimes it takes 3 years for you to feel it. Mammograms are advised for women with a low risk of developing breast cancer, and those at greater risk because of the family or personal background.

In a mammogram the breast is pressed between two plates in order to smooth and expand and spread the tissue of breast. This helps in obtaining clear and precise images of breast tissue. Mammography images are then evaluated by a radiologist who is looking for any signs of abnormalities such as lumps, or calcifications. If any abnormalities are identified, further testing like further imaging or a biopsy, is recommended to confirm if there is cancer.

Mammograms are thought to be to be one of the most effective tools to detect early breast cancer. Cancer that is detected earlier has a greater chance of success in treatment and a more favorable prognosis. The recommendation is that all women 50-74 years go through regular mammography exams each two years. The time and frequency of screening can differ based on your individual risk factors and medical background.

Mammography Test Centre in Noida

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How is mammography conducted?

You will need to wear a gown. Based on the type of equipment used, you will have to stand or sit. One breast at a time will rest on a flat surface containing the x-ray plate. A compressor will be firmly pressed against the breast. This flattens the tissues of the breast.

From different angles, the pictures are captured. You may need to hold your breath for a few seconds during the test. For the mammogram images, you may be asked to come after a few days.

Why You Should You Conduct Mammography Scan in Noida?

Before you conduct mammography, ask your doctor about your risks of having breast cancer or whether screening is beneficial or not. Mammography is done for screening women to detect early breast cancer when it is to be cured, most likely. Mammography is recommended for women above 40 years old.

Mammography is conducted to:

  • Keep an eye on the women who already have abnormal mammograms.
  • Evaluate a woman who already has breast disease symptoms. The symptoms may include changes in the nipple, dimpling of the breast skin, nipple discharge, or a lump.

Mammography Scan in Noida

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