What is CT Scan?

A CT Scan or a Computed Tomography scan is an imaging method that makes use of x-rays to create pictures of a body’s cross-sections. It is an important tool for treating and diagnosing medical conditions. CT Scans offer you in-detail images of your body’s inside. It helps doctors to identify the problems and plan treatments. CT Scans are mostly painless and are completed quickly.

  1. Chest CT scan
  2. Orbit CT scan
  3. Lumbosacral, thoracic, and cervical spine CT scan.
  4. Head or cranial CT scan
  5. Pelvis and abdominal CT scan

We are providing a complete Ct scan in Noida, the most accurate and fastest way to detect internal injuries. It is also used to diagnose several kinds of cancers. This procedure is fast and non-invasive and can help save lives in emergencies. As The best CT scan centre in Noida, we always ensure your comfort. So during the scan, you will lie on a motorized examination table that slides into a doughnut-shaped CT scanner. This device rotates and takes a series of X-rays, each taking about 1 second to generate an image.

How is the test conducted?

You will have to lie on a narrow table that will slide into the CT scanner’s center. You will be positioned inside the scanner, and x-ray beams will rotate around you. The computer will create separate images of the body areas, known as slices. You can store, view, or copy these images to a disk. By stacking all the slices together, the experts can create 3D models of the patient’s body area. You need to stay still during the examination, or else movement will lead to blurred images. However, you may be told to hold your breath for some period of time. It takes a few minutes to complete the scans. The latest CT scanners can scan your body within 20 minutes at ease.

Why are CT Scans Performed?

  • Diagnosing an infection
  • Identifying tumors and masses
  • Reading the blood vessels
  • Guiding a health expert to the right areas during a biopsy